A group of guys out the North (Nawfside) Side of Houston, Texas. Too-iLL started their journey to the top of the Hip Hop charts in 2010, and still holding it down today. The crew dropped their first project in 2014 and got great feedback. A year later Lukk (TooiLL artist) dropped Real Rap, Real Rare which continued to push the movement! Jrocxx, Rizzy Redd, Lukk G and JGrove are all working on projects; keep up to date with each artist....          *iLL Service Announcement* iSA - The iLLest™ Campaign home of #TooiLLTuesday.  


Jrocxx -  Twitter: @_Jrocxx & IG  @_Jrocxx 

LukkTwitter @Lukk_iLL & IG @Lukk_iLL

King Butler & RizzyRedd & JGrove